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Get Involved

Why not join our team of highly experienced marshals and get in on the action. You may want some marshal training. We can point you in the right direction or provide courses ourselves including fire and incident handling.


Club members regularly assist on Stage, Classic and Historic Rallies, including Cambrian rally, Wales Rally GB and the Tour of Cheshire.


The club is also a Founder member of Motorsport Northwest the Promoters of the Legend Fires North West Stages Rally, providing members of the organising team and marshals on the event.

Oulton park Gold Cup 2011 Rally Stage (6).jpg

Chester Motor Club Membership

As a member, you get reduced entry fees on all events organised by the club (typically £35.00 annually for a £25.00 membership).

Invitations to compete in events organised by many other motor clubs, including some of the most prestigious venues in the country, Shelsley Walsh and Prescott.

Easy access to expert advice: Clerks of the Course can provide tips on regulations and event classes. Scrutineers can give advice on vehicle safety and eligibility. Other competitors are also happy to share experiences, good and bad.

Membership rates are currently £25.00 (to December 2024), an additional £10.00 for a Joint Member


Junior members which are now free (anyone in full-time education under the age of 18 years). Why not get your son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, nephew or niece a club membership and encourage their interest in motorsport.

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